Ex-Wife Of DMX Convinces Him To Check Into Rehab

Image result for recent photo of dmx

DMX is now postponing all future tour dates. This decision comes behind him recently checking himself into a rehab facility. 

Sources connected to the rapper states that DMX checked himself into rehab facility in Southern California on April 27th. Although it was said the DMX voluntarily checked himself into rehab, it took some convincing from his ex-wife Tashera Simmons, and his manager, Pat Gallo.

Sources also say at DMX’s last show in Brooklyn, his drinking became out of control. This is sad because throughout the rapper’s entire career he has struggle with alcohol and drug abuse.

In a statement,Pat  Gallo apologized to X’s fans for the postponed shows, and says, “It is important right now that he take some time off to focus on his health so that he can be a better father, friend and entertainer.”

He added, “We are eternally grateful for the outpouring of concern and support that has poured in. We ask that you please keep X in your prayers as he embraces your support.”



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